Ful-On Tri is a British Triathlon affiliated club and we encourage all members to join the British Triathlon Federation.

The Club is also SEAA (South East Athletics Association) affiliated, BCF (British Cycling Federation) affiliated and CTT (Cycling Time Trial) affiliated in London South District.

Your membership package includes your membership card, club swim cap and cycle jersey, and access to a copy of the Club’s code of conduct. In addition, all members have access to the club website and can download training resources such as swim sets.

We have been offered a number of deals with local suppliers.


Please NOTE:

  1. You should do your own research and checks before taking up any of the deals offered to club members.
  2. The club does not officially endorse or favour any particular suppliers or products, and we have not checked the detailed terms and conditions of any of the above offers.
  3. The club is not responsible or liable for any injury, loss or damage caused as a result of taking up any of these offers.