Ful on Tri vs Thames Turbo Mob Match – 12th December

The annual mob match with Thames Turbo is fast approaching, (Saturday 12th December) this event marks the kick off for the ’12th Day of Ful on Tri Christmas’ preceeding the annual party at the Roehampton Club.  

FOT is currently tied with TT on 4 victories each in the Mob Match, the winner is simply the club with the most amount of runners.

This year’s venue is Old Deer Park;


To register you need to ensure you have registered as a Ful on Tri runner at the Park Run website here;


You can check your profile with Park Run here;


It’s essential you print off and bring your bar code to qualify as an FOT runner.

Start time: 9am.

Finishers: Get a mince pie!

Hungover people:  Get respect.

See you all on the 12th.

Mark Benton

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