We have a great team of dedicated coaches who all give their time and energy free to keep the club running and a great place to train.

Euan Lees is our Director of Coaching both designing and planning the overall training plan as well as leading the coaching team.
Euan is supported by our Coaching Co-Ordinator (or Chief Cat Herder!) Toby Head who tries to make sure that we have coaches available to lead the sessions.
The rest of the team is below also:

Photo Name
Euan Lees Euan Lees Director of Coaching

Sports related qualifications: BTF level 2 session coach. Works as: IT consultant. Triathlete since: 1994, but not at all seriously until 2001. Has raced: Quite a lot. Started properly with Ironman Switzerland 2002 then focused on Olympic distance for a few years before accidentally qualifying for Ironman Hawaii 2006. Raced for GB at three ITU World Age Group Champs. Prefers: I think Half Ironman is a great distance. Not too fast and not ridiculously long. Olympic is probably the hardest and most competitive race, but the training fits around your life a lot easier. I’m not much of a sprinter. But on a good day I will still beat you 😉 Other sports: I used to do modern pentathlon and still help out on the organising side. Occasional and mediocre surfer. Favourite sports personality: Paula Craig.Ideal training partner: Lucy Hasell, Lee Jackson, Tom Langley, Nick Sullivan, Jess Taylor and James Whetman. I already have the best training partners I could want. Vomit if you like, I don’t care. Likes: Plain chocolate hobnobs, milk, fresh meat, sleeping, tea, beer and doing everything very slowly except triathlon.

Toby Head Toby Head Coaching Co-ordinator

Sports related qualifications: BTF level 2 session coach. PADI & TDI Divemaster, EFR First Aid Instructor Works as: Aerospace & Defence Consultant (007?). Triathlete since: 1990 (retired) started again 2005 and not looked back since. Has raced: Sprint, olympic, duathlon, half ironman and ironman. Prefers: Anything that avoids running fast – the longer stuff I guess! Other sports: Adventure Racing, Scuba Diving, Power Kiting, Retired Judo and Rugby. Favourite sports personality: Brian Jacks for the way he stormed onto Superstars. Chrissie Wellington just for that smile! Ideal training partner: Anyone who will put up with me on a Saturday ride! Likes: Cigars and good rum Loves: My wife and two little girls – would like to help run kids section in club – need more prospective juniors get busy folks!

Simon Kenyon Simon Kenyon Sports related qualifications: BTF level 2 session coach. Works as: Video technology consultant Triathlete since: 2007 Has raced: Sprint, olympic, half-ironman, duathlon, aquathlon Prefers: The fast stuff Other sports: Rowing (Oxford half-blue, National Champion, England), cyclosportives, time trialling, the odd crit race, adventure racing, Surrey League cross country, crown green bowling Favourite sports personality: Muhammad Ali, Jens Voigt, Steve Redgrave Ideal training partner: http://www.strava.com/ Likes: Titanium, espresso, Rapha, cobbles, Marmite, the Alps, Etxe Ondo, cooking, Martinis, swimwear, sleeping
Siobhan Brownlow Siobhan Brownlow Sports related qualifications: BTF level 2 session coach. Works as: Graphic designer.Triathlete since: 2003. Has raced: Sprint, olympic, rowathlon, half ironman and ironman. Raced for Ireland at European Long Distance Champs in 2006. Prefers: Middle distance.Other sports: Rowed for Southampton University Boat Club, Thames Rowing Club and Lea Rowing Club; running; mountain biking; skiing; sub aqua (BSAC sports diver); sailing.Favourite sports personality: Ellen MacArthur. Ideal training partner: Guin Batten. Likes: Photography, drinking and French men!
Alistair Duvoisin Alistair Duvoisin Sports related qualifications: BTF level 1 assistant coach. Works as: Marketing consultant.Triathlete since: 2002, in lycra since 2007. Has raced: Sprint, olympic, half ironman, ironman, adventure races and one nasty ultra running stage race in the Amazon. Prefers: Trying something new whether it’s a new race format, a new distance or new location; approaching the unknown is always more exhilarating (and scary) than the known. Other sports: Golf; skiing; football; diving and mountain biking. Favourite sports personality: Chris Hoy and Kelly Sotherton (I have a secret crush on her!). Ideal training partner: No contest… Kelly Sotherton regardless of whether she can swim or cycle. Likes: Convincing myself that exercise justifies the beer; my hometown St Andrews; wearing my kilt and french food.
Emma Williams Sports related qualifications: BTF level 1 assistant coach. Works as: Global Product Manager for motorcycle oils at Shell. Triathlete since: 2004. Has raced: Sprint & Olympic.Prefers: Olympic. Other sports: Rowing; cycling. Favourite sports personality: Matthew Pinsent. Ideal training partner: Anyone who can run as slow as me!! 🙂 Likes: Cycling (even up hill sometimes!), having adventures, organising stuff.
Kate Lander Kate Lander Sports related qualifications: BTF level 1 assistant coach. Works as: Specialist sales at a trust bank. Triathlete since: 2005. Has raced: Sprint, olympic, half ironman and ironman. Raced for GB at World Champs in Hamburg in 2007. Prefers: Middle to longer distance (I have lost the speed!) Other sports: Golf. Favourite sports personality: Lance Armstromg, Chrissie Wellington, Julie Dibens and Annika Sorenstam. Ideal training partner: Mark Lander (he lets me draft!) and anyone who likes tea and cake on the bike. Likes: Malt loaf, new kit and holidays.
Mike Powell Qualification: BTF Coach Level 1 Works as: An investment banker, running M&A deals for technology companies Triathlete since: 2002. Was persuaded by a friend to enter a local Olympic length race in San Francisco and with no training found the idea so ridiculous I had to do more. Has Raced: In California and UK, all sprint and Olympic lengthPrefers: Triathlons that go swim run bike. Other Sports: Adventure racing, and hill running (at which I am hopeless but enthusiastic). I cycled from Mexico to Bolivia and climbed volcano’s to see molten lava and then how high I could go, 6000M at present. Favourite Sports Personality: Anyone who races clean Ideal Training Partner: Anyone prepared to try hard Likes: Everything in moderation and a few things right at the edge. Oh and geomorphology & physics.
Nicole Paine Nicole Paine Sports related qualifications: BTF level 1 assistant coach. Level 1 Athletics coach Canada. Brtitish Volleyball Level 1 coach. Works as: Chiropractor, Acupuncturist and Business Owner. Triathlete since: 2008. Has raced: Sprint, olympic, duathlon, Half Ironman and Ironman. Prefers: Ironman distance racing-love the mental challenge. Other sports: Volleyball, Running, Skiing, retired from Track and Field but favourite was Pole Vault!Favourite sports personality: I completely idolize Chrissie Wellington but will watch any sport on TV or in person! Ideal training partner: Anyone who can put up with my chit chat!Likes: Red wine, chocolate, sleeping in Loves: Books-reading, buying and stocking up on them. Also love travelling to new places especially if there is a triathlon involved.
Pete Doubleday Pete Doubleday Sports related qualifications: BTF level 1 assistant coach, REPS level 3 advanced fitness instructor & personal trainer. Works as: IT Consultant. Triathlete since: 2006. Has raced: Sprint, olympic, half ironman and ironman. Prefers: Half ironman because it’s a good long distance challenge but the training is manageable, however I still can’t resist the kudos of a full ironman. Other sports: Windsurfing, surfing, sailing, snowboarding & skiing.Favourite sports personality: Robby Naish, Chrissie Wellington, Bradley Wiggins and Usain Bolt. Ideal training partner: Me – the closest competition there is. Likes: Beaches, mountains, Kylie Minogue, lay-ins, coffee stops and enjoying a few beers after a good ride or race.
Phil Roker Sports related qualifications: BTF level 1 assistant coach. Works as: Owner Director of London’s finest catering company. Triathlete since: 1994 (Deal sprint tri on a ropey mountain bike). Has raced: Over 100 triathlons, including sprint, olympic, half ironman and ironman. Cat 3 cyclist and looking to improve. Prefers: Olympic probably, though my favourite races are the Hillingdon triathlons – very old school! Other sports: Football (not bad); golf (erratic); skiing, tennis, squash and many others with huge energy but minimal skill; will try anything. Favourite sports personality: Niall Quinn – a top player who also loved a drink and really likeable guy. Ideal training partner: I don’t train well with anyone else, though I like having a chat with anyone on club bike rides. Likes: Bitter, wine, JD, bars, restaurants, Soho, Men Behaving Badly, 80s post-punk & indie, Brentford Football Club, long bike rides in the Alps or Mallorca, doing things well, my wife & daughter.
Stuart Archer Stuart Archer Sports related qualifications: BTF level 1 assistant coach. Works as: Social Services finance.Triathlete since: 2005. Has raced: Sprint, olympic and half ironman. Prefers: Half ironman and cyclosportives. Other sports: Surfing, used to fish a lot, a bit of tennis when calm.Favourite sports personality: Jens Voigts. Ideal training partner: Anyone who likes to stop for coffee and cake. Likes: Reading, films, fish (watching).
Thomas Claracq Sports related qualifications: BTF level 1 assistant coach. Works as: Portfolio manager.Triathlete since: 2008. Has raced: Sprint to ironman distance. Prefers: Ironman! The longer the wait, the sweeter the kiss! Other sports: Surfing, Yoga, Mountaineering, Climbing, Commuting. Favourite sports personality: Pierre de Coubertin, Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali Ideal training partner: You! Likes: Food, wine, books, music, dancing, sweating. Loves: mountains, oceans, outdoors, family.
Walt Rothon Sports related qual: BTF Level 1 assistant coach. PADI Divemaster. Works as: Customer Operations Director for a website software company. Triathlete since: 2008 Has raced: Sprint, olympic, half ironman Prefers: Half Ironman, as it’s a good endurance event, not to quick and just long enough to keep the training honest. Other sports: Cycling, especially France and Italy. Though anywhere on good tarmac with nice views is always good. Half and full marathons. I’ve played some competitive squash, and rock climbed for many years. But the real pleasure is SCUBA diving – anywhere its’ warm, tropical and there’s lots of critters. Favourite Sports Personality: I have many, but Muhammad Ali gets my vote.Ideal training partner: Anyone who keeps me honest or likes a good chat. Likes: dark chocolate, strong coffee, old single malt whiskey and hot curries. Though not at the same time!
Parys Edwards Sports related qualifications: Core Specialist Works as: Has raced: Prefers: Other sports:Favourite sports personality: Ideal training partner: Likes:

ETU Gold Medalist – 1st Female overall

Donal Harte Ful-On Tri Swim Coach
Winner of Royal Windsor River Swim 2011 (3.8km in 47:41)
2nd at F3 Events Maxifuel Open Water Swim 2011 (10km in 2:12:03)
Shane McCauley Ful-On Tri Swim Coach
Former Ulster Junior and Senior record-holder for 200m butterfly (PB 2:05:04)
1500m freestyle PBs 17:15 (pool) and 18:17 (open water)
Shane McCauley Shane has been a swimming coach at Ful-On Tri since 2010.

A summary of Shane’s swimming achievements includes:
Former member of the Irish, Ulster & Leinster Senior swimming squads; International swimming medallist; Irish National long & short course swimming champion;

Irish & Ulster Senior swimming champion & Senior record holder; Ulster Junior swimming champion & Junior record holder; Donegal Swimmer of the Year, 1995, 1999 & 2003; Captain of Trojan Swimming Club, Dublin, 2003-2005 (organised a 24-hour swimathon, which raised €17,500.00 for the GOAL Tsunami Appeal of 2004); Captain of Glenalbyn Swimming Club, Dublin, 1999-2001; Captain of Riversdale Otters Swimming Club, Tyrone, 1996-1999.

Tim Dearden Sports related qualifications: NOLS Diploma, NAUI Works as: CFO Triathlete since: 1988 but more focused on cycling since 2009 Has raced: Sprint, Duathlon, Half Ironman, Marathon, Ultra Marathon and a variety of biking disciplines Prefers: Long Distance Cycling Other sports: Scuba Diving, Climbing, Hiking, Golf, Tennis Retired Rugby, Cricket, Hockey Favourite sports personality: Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus -a lesson in fighting spirit and humility Ideal training partner: People prepared to work hard but not take themselves too seriously Likes: Good wine, travel, adventure Loves: Positive people
Sarah Odell Coach Sports related qualifications: Yoga Coach Works as: Has raced: Prefers: Other sports: Favourite sports personality: Ideal training partner: Likes:
Ellen Pooley Sports related qualifications: BTF level 1 assistant coach. Works as: Civil servant. Triathlete since: 2006. Has raced: Sprint, olympic, half ironman and ironman. Prefers: The longer the distance and the more beautiful the scenery, the better. Other sports: Rowing; tennis; diving and others – before triathlon took over. Favourite sports personality: The latest underdog at Wimbledon usually. Ideal training partner: Anyone who makes me laugh.Likes: Large breakfasts – especially post-runs, coffee – any and all the time.
Tarne Bevan Core Coach
Olly Harrison Sports related qualifications: BTF level 1 assistant coach. Works as: Company executive Triathlete since: 2005 Has raced: Sprint, olympic, half ironman, ironman Prefers: A bit of everything. Other sports: Diving, Judo – fought<73kg…a long time ago. Favourite sports personality: Wiggins. Ideal training partner: Fulon Tri club members! Likes: more than I dislike.