Long Rides

Saturdays in the winter months, as is traditional in cycling, consist of longer, slower rides to build endurance and a strong base for the season ahead. Depending on numbers, we aim to split into groups going into Surrey and towards Windsor. The rides last between 2-4 hours and usually have a stop at a cafe half way through.

Rides are for paid up members of Ful-On Tri Club and are led by volunteer ride leaders from within our coaching team, so please listen to their instructions for the safety and enjoyment of the group. The idea is to ride at a steady pace. The rides are not a race, and you should always ride in a way that keeps the group together, regrouping after junctions and at the top of climbs. Safety is our number one priority on all group rides, and all riders are expected to abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct and in accordance with our guidance notes. Dress according to the weather and pack everything you are going to need.

The group meets at 08.15 at Roehampton Gate Car Park in Richmond Park to leave at 8.30. An announcement normally goes out on the forum on Friday announcing the meet time and intended route(s). If in doubt contact the head coach for further information (see Contacts page).

The first Saturday of every month is our Box Hill ride, meeting at the cafe at the top of Box Hill at 10.30am. You have the choice to drive/take the train and meet there for loops of the “Ballbuster” circuit, or cycle there with the group that meets at Roehampton Gate Car Park at 08.15.

If you would like to attend the Saturday ride, but are worried that you won’t be fast enough, then a good rule of thumb is that if you are able to ride 4 laps of the Park comfortably in 1hr45, you will have no problem in joining the slowest group. If you have never ridden for longer than 1hr, then we would suggest that you take a couple of weeks to build your ride distance up to at least 4 laps in the Park before attempting the longer rides. This will improve your own enjoyment of the ride, without compromising that of others in your group. If you want to arrange group Park rides for this purpose, then please feel free to do so by posting a message on the forum.

Brick Training

During the summer months, we have regular “brick” training sessions. A brick session involves combining two disciplines. For example, if swimming open water at Heron Lake, then biking back into London after. Run/bike bricks are held regularly during the summer months in Richmond Park, both on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings. While reasonably intense, they do emulate race situations and again are invaluable for teaching/learning transition skills. Because you are aware of where you are placed within the group you can see quite graphically how much time is gained or lost in transition.

The dates for intended brick sessions are announced on the forum in advance.

Interval & Turbo Training

Wednesday nights during the Summer months when daylight allows are dedicated to speed/interval, hill, chain-ganging or brick sessions. The group meets at 19.30 at Roehampton Gate Car Park in Richmond Park.

During the winter months we offer a bike turbo training session at Barnes Sports and Social Club. The session runs from 19.30 til 21.00 and is open to members only. The Club has 20 Tacx Sartori turbo trainers stored at the facility, so members can simply turn up with their bike and hop on a Club turbo to train. The purchase of the Club turbos was made possible by our successful application for lottery funding through an Awards for All grant.

There is limited parking at Barnes Sports and Social Club, as well as showers, changing facilities and a bar for post-training refreshments.