Core Strength & Stability

We are now offering a Core Strength & Stability class during the second session on Thursday nights in Virgin Active, Fulham Pools.

You may be wondering what exactly is core strength and why should you worry about it?

The core muscles work together to support the spine and pelvis. They are the central point from where all movement originates and are also the source of our stability. Whether you’re sitting, standing, running, cycling or swimming, these core muscles help keep your body stable and balanced. The core muscles provide the body’s centre of power, so the stronger you are in that area, the more efficient your movements will become leading to better endurance and improved power delivery and performance in any sport. Specifically for triathlon, a strong core will help you hold a streamlined balanced body position when swimming, deliver more power on the bike, and hold that perfect efficient running form for longer.

The aim of these classes  is to teach you how to engage your core muscles properly, and demonstrate exercises to help you focus on building strength in this area.


If that’s not enough and to add some variety, the last Thursday of each month, instead of the core class we are offering a yoga class. Yoga is a great way to help your body recover – see it as part of your constructive rest plan. Do not think you have to be uber-flexible to get any benefits….everyone can work on their stretching but it is done in a very calm way using the breath and concentrating the mind (this can actually be the hardest part). The end result is that you rid the body of lactic acid and feel lighter and more relaxed – wiping the slate clean in readiness for your next demanding workout.