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Together we’ll ride 10,000km in one day and raise as much as we can for two great causes

Join us on Saturday 27th June for the biggest one-day team challenge that Ful-on Tri has ever attempted.

We’ll each get on our bikes, wherever we are, indoors or outdoors, and ride as far as we like with 2 simple goals:

To cover 10,000km together, and
To raise money for our NHS heroes and the young athletes we normally support through the Legs of Steel sportive, which we’ve had to cancel this year.

Here’s how it works

1 Join our event Strava group and tell us you’re participating on Facebook

Click here to join our “10,000ksinaday” Strava group so we record the total distance for all participants. Join this page on Facebook for all news and updates.

2 Make your donation

Head to our SponsorMe page and donate! We’d ask for at least £10 to take part, but it’s up to you! We are hoping to raise at least £5,000 for our charities.

3 Go ride!

Inside or out, real or virtual, as far as you like, for as long as you like on Saturday 27th June


Make sure you stick to the social distancing rules. This event is designed to be an aggregate of all our solo rides, whether outside or virtual, which together we’ll turn into something great. There is no group start or finish, and there should be no riding in groups.

Why 10,000kms?

There’s lots of uncertainty about events this year, but we didn’t want to let that stop us covering a lot of kilometres, both real and virtual. We’ve decided to ride the total distance of the 3 Grand Tours, as well as our own charity sportive, the Legs of Steel.

So that gives a nice, round 10,000km, and we’d like to do that in 1 day.

 Tour de France  3,470 km
 Giro D’Italia  3,580 km
 Vuelta A Espana  2,881 km
 Legs of Steel  80 km
 Total  10,011 km  





It doesn’t matter whether you cycle 1km or 100km, it all counts towards our target. So get involved, enjoy the ride and at the same time, help us support 2 fantastic causes.

Who are we doing it for?

NHS Charities Together (click for more info)

Throughout this crisis, it’s become clear how much we value the people who work in our NHS. So, we want to give back by raising money for the fund to support NHS staff, volunteers and patients above and beyond what normal funding provides.


Every year, we organise the Legs of Steel sportive to commemorate Dave Aitchison, a rising star in British triathlon and Ful-on Tri club member who died suddenly in January 2007 aged 29. All profits from the event go to SportsAid, which assists talented young triathletes in the Triathlon London and SE regions to succeed in the sport. Although we’ve had to cancel the event this year, we’d still like to raise money for the fund.


If you have any further questions or need more information, please contact Gina at [email protected]

Follow progress on the Facebook event page and our Instagram page @fulontri (using #10000ksinaday)