London League – be in it to win it

Written by Rob Argles

If you’re new to the club or have never paid much mind to racing in the London League, you’d be forgiven for just thinking it’s a group of local, relatively inexpensive, races. You’re probably not aware how your participation helps us as a club or how you could use the structure of the league to excel and be up for an award at the end of the season.

So whether you’re looking to get a few races under your belt or add a trophy to your cabinet, this blog will fill you in on what you need to know about the London League.

What is the league?

London League is a selection of events that take place in the London region, allowing clubs across London to support each others events, compete against each other and generate a healthy environment for improving performance, encouraging participation and having fun.

How do I take part?

– Sign up to a race (remember to tell Heather!)
– Sign up to more races (you need 4 to qualify for an individual win, see below)
– Get training
– Show up on race day and cross that finish line

What are the rules?

The rules are simple but wordy.” Thankfully our Team Captain, Rob Argles, is an expect and sums up the need-to-know basics.

Individual Age-group Competition:

– Race a minimum of 4 races, one of which must be a triathlon
– If you race more than 4, your best 4 results count but the minimum 1 triathlon still needs to be included.
– In each race, the 1st finisher in your age-group scores 100pts, 2nd scores 99 pts and so on
– The maximum achievable score is therefore 400pts

Male, Female, Mixed Team Competitions:

– For each race, the individual finishing position (not score) of the first 3 men and first 3 women contribute to the team “position” (if only 2 women race they also score but only after teams with 3 women participants).
– In each race the finishing positions of the first 3 racers are added up
– The lowest total scores 100pts, second lowest 99pts and so on….e.g. 1st, 4th and 6th places totals 11 and would be beaten by 2nd, 3rd and 5th which totals 10
– Scoring then works as per the individual category

Mob Match Competition:

– Mob Match is a measure of club participation.
– If you have the most racers at a league race you score 100pts and unlike all other competitions you score for all 12 races.
– If nobody races you score 0 points – best to avoid this as Mob Match is the tie-breaker in the event of level scores in any of the Team competitions

Follow this link to read more about the rules

In 2017 Ful-on Tri swept wins in all club categories and was highly represented by individual podium finishers!

So what does that mean for 2018?

Go all out from the off and get the high scores banked!!

The most important thing is securing 100pts in a triathlon which all clubs know and are therefore very competitive – maximum points early on at either Thames Turbo or Crystal Palace can put the pressure on other teams and then we can start thinking about stopping other teams attaining maximums.

The less popular races can also prove fruitful as 100pts are 100pts no matter which race you get them at.

Our recent success has come from reacting to how other teams are doing so stay alert to requests for racers throughout the 12 race season.

Let’s go racing!

2018 Race Schedule

29th April – Kingfisher Aquathlon
7th May – Thames Turbo Triathlon
13th May – Crystal Palace Triathlon
13th May – Dragon Slayer Duathlon
19th May – Tooting Bec Aquathlon
10th June – Ful-on Aquathlon.
17th June – The Bridge Triathlon
24th June – Windrush Aquathlon
15th July – Thorpe Park Triathlon
26th Aug – Clash of Tritons Aquathlon
16th Sept – London Fields Aquathlon