Race Results W/E 27 January

Written by Jon Moseling

Welcome to my inaugural race report – following yesterday’s tightly contested committee elections. I’m slightly disappointed there hasn’t been some sort of Dr Who-esque regeneration… but for those that weren’t at our AGM, I am now the new Heather… a little bit like Peter Capaldi is to Jodie Whitaker. I don’t really have a line in bobble hats though. Sorry.

Anyway, this weekend, despite the ongoing cold, we did have some racing – two events (that I know of… more on that later).

Firstly, on Saturday, we had the Ashridge National Duathlon championships – deep in the heart of the Chilterns – so basically nice and flat. The course comprising a 10k run, 44k bike, and another 5k run to finish. A field of five of our club members took part (hopefully I haven’t missed anyone else, but only one person put Ful-on-Tri on their entry): James Ellis (competing under the TORQ Performance Tri Team banner), Ed Dennis, Nicky Huskens (flying the flag for Hampstead Tri club…), Stephanie Ede, and Calum Williams. As we’ve come to expect from James, he put in a blisteringly fast performance, but was just pipped to the overall podium, despite winning his age group. Nicky, Ed and Calum all had strong races on what can’t have been an easy course. And… congratulations to Stephanie for winning her age group too!

Then, on Sunday, the South of England Cross Country championships took place at Parliament Hill Fields in London – a field over 1,000 Senior Men competing on an 8km off-road course. Our club fielded two runners – masquerading as Thames Valley Harriers: John Borton and James Ellis (who must have had few other weekend plans). Great running by both placed them well within the top 25% of the field.

And that, for now is a wrap.

Do message me ASAP at fixtures@fulontri.com if I have missed you (or someone you know) out of this weekend’s news.

I’m also aware that the Race Calendar on the website is looking rather barren. Even Roth is absent. Over the next couple of weeks I will try to correct this, particularly given (as said in the AGM) seeing who has entered a race can be an incentive to give it a go.

To improve things, I need your help.

  • Please do add Ful-on-Tri as the club on your race entries
  • Add your name to races on the website when you enter. Facebook is great but not a good way of keeping upcoming races as visible
  • If you have entered a race (run, triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, bog snorkelling…) and it isn’t on the calendar let me know and I will get it up there

We used to have PB’s on the website too… it’s something I’d like to explore again, but we’d need your help in making it work.