Club Rides take place on Saturday mornings details are announced weekly on Facebook: however there are standard meeting and departure times (see below). Various ride distances are available but will always include an easy pace option between 50-70km with a café stop mid-way. The purpose of Saturday Rides is to build endurance over 3-4 hours, the rides are low-mid intensity sessions, except for the hills. They are not a race. The club also has spin sessions once a week and turbo sessions in the winter, please refer to the timetables and locations for details.

Typically, the club will meet by the Collicci Cafe in Richmond Park, near Roehampton Gate. When Daylight Saving time does not apply (i.e. late Autumn, Winter and Spring), the club meets at 8:15am for an 8:30am departure. When the clocks change forward an hour (Daylight Saving time), the rides commence half an hour earlier, i.e. meet at 7:45am for an 8:00am departure. Any differences will be communicated via the Thursday shout out, Club Newsletter, and Facebook.

In the Spring, we typically run an “Endurance Building” ride series, leading up to our May Mallorca Training Camp. Details here:


We ride together
Ride close together and work as a group (no more than 8 per group).

  • Ride in pairs where the road conditions allow.
  • Ride a steady pace; this is not a race!
  • Allow one wheel length between rides. If you get strung out it is harder for a car to get past.
  • Don’t accelerate if you find yourself at the front.
  • Do not accelerate out of roundabouts, as people at the back may still be slowing down.
  • Shout “Standing” before you to rise from the saddle to standing; often your back wheel will shoot back as you stand.

Agree the group pace. Pass shouts and hand signals through the group (watch ‘How to ride in a group’).

Ride predictably
Steady pace, no sudden braking, no sudden change of direction. Look back if slowing or moving left/right.

No half-wheeling
Ride shoulder to shoulder. Half-wheeling (overlapping of wheels) creates a higher potential for crashes, especially if the rider in front unexpectedly moves to one side.

Look ahead and be aware of the group
Look at the road conditions, not the back wheel in front.
Know who’s behind you and check frequently that they’re still there. Shout if they drop off “ease-up”.


  • If the group breaks up on hills re-group at the top.
  • Ride as a group but take responsibility for yourself e.g. at junctions don’t follow the group if you feel it puts you in danger.

Obey the rules of the road
Be aware vehicles blind spots


GroupStandard Distance Bike Split (40km)Race Pace (kph)Training Pace (kph)
LANE 51:004028-33
LANE 41:053726-30
LANE 31:113424-28
LANE 21:173122-26
LANE 11:262820-23
NOLB = “No-one left behind” These rides will go at the pace of the slowest rider.1:402417-20

The club uses ‘bike lanes’ as shorthand for the approximate pace of the group riding (e.g. Lane 3 ride going to Boxhill). Note: this is only an average since the actual speed will depend on the terrain, road and weather conditions etc. The lanes and corresponding average speeds are shown in the chart. NB: perceived effort will be different on solo rides and group rides (where ~70% of max may actually be ~50% whilst drafting and ~80%+ when on the front)


Ride equipment

  • A bike (well-maintained with working brakes!)
  • Helmet
  • 2 Spare inner tubes, puncture repair kit, pump
  • Additional layers of clothing/waterproof (if required)
  • Bike lights (if required for the conditions)

Ride leaders
Group rides are guided by a ride leader or the coaching team, but are not coached rides. If in doubt about any aspect of group riding, ask the ride leader.

You should always carry:

  • 2 water bottles
  • Food (e.g. energy bars)
  • Mobile phone (swap numbers with the ride leader in case of emergencies or getting lost)
  • ID – driving license or British Triathlon Association membership card
  • Money for emergencies (or coffee & cake!)