Race Results w/c 2nd Oct

Written by: Xavier Faux.

As Adele says: Hello, it’s me!

The domestic tri season and we are now fully into the exotic destination triathlons and running events … which means XC is round the corner. Come on Saturday 14th for some mudfest and buddy time.

OK over to the serious stuff. Michel Radermecker was in action at Natureman. A middle distance in Southern France which involves a naughty section of running through a wheat field. Félicitations!

Right so that was the only triathlon result on my radar this week so over to the other stuff you crazy goofers have been up to! Very close to home it was the Royal Parks Half Marathon. Well done to Nicola “Jean-Claude” Busca and Charlotte Clements.

Still in the domain of Half Marathons, it was the very well attended Oxford half marathon. I didn’t have to scroll down very far down the finishers list to find James Ellis … as he finished an incredible 12th in just 73minutes. Booya!! Well done also to Heather Mayer, Euan Lees, Michelle Ogilvie, Ruth McIntyre, Lucinda Springett, Jon Green and Lea Marie Burek.

Still half marathons but the other side of the pond, well done to FOT Iberic ambassador Enrique Pinel for running the Staten Island Half marathon which he described as “tough race windy hilly humid torrential rain at times” (yes, I know it is in the USA and not southern Europe but he is allowed to mix things up!).

Now onto the longer stuff, big congrats to Eoin Griffin for doing the Chicago Marathon. Looked like a lovely day out. Andy Hoyle battled through a stomach bug to complete the York Marathon. Great stuff.

Slightly shorter, well done to Katie and Dave Ferraby for doing the Gold Hill 10k.

Phil Roker was in action at the shortest cycling time trial of the season … only thing is that it is straight up a very steep hill. Well done to him for finishing tenth overall!

Thumbs up to Jason Wentzel for doing the Breca Coliston swim run in the lake district. Looked pretty cold!

And as we all know next week will be one of the biggest dates in the triahtlon calendar: Ironman World Champs, otherwise known simply as “Kona”! Ruth Purbrook is looking on brilliant shape as she grabbed 6th in her F25-29AG at the Ho’ala Training Swim, which is basically a practice of the swim section. Go go go! We’ll be thinking of you and Thomas Claraq next week.

Bye bye for now!