Racing Blog #1: Meet the Fixtures Team

By |2020-04-28T14:27:36+01:0028th Apr, 2020|My Experience|

Greetings from quarantine. It's been great to see so much action and connecting going on over the last month or so - despite my lack of a turbo (or space to put one) stopping me joining in.   A few weeks back, we discussed with Ruth and Ed the possibility of producing a few "race [...]

Abingdon Crit Race Report, by Heather Mayer

By |2020-02-18T00:16:41+00:0018th Feb, 2020|My Experience|

On Saturday, I made a trip up to Abingdon to race in a criterium - a bike race on a relatively short circuit which you ride around multiple times over the course of 40-50 minutes, with the aim of being first across the line at the very end. I’d chosen to do this race somewhat [...]

How not to “train” for an Ironman

By |2018-09-20T10:09:09+01:0020th Sep, 2018|My Experience|

By Ian Baker Ian on the bike at Ironman Wales As some of you know, I originally entered Ironman Austria, but after a serious lack of training I pulled out and deferred my place to Wales. The thinking behind this was that it was a late season race, and I wouldn't have to [...]

From Broken to Competing in Just 10 Weeks 

By |2018-07-17T19:26:48+01:0017th Jul, 2018|My Experience|

By Faye Sanders I joined Ful-on Tri in December 2016 and my first race was the Tooting Bec Aquathlon at the end of April 2017. A lovely sunny day but no amount of sun could have warmed us up following a nipple-shrivelling 11 degree swim! Never have I not felt my feet while running before - a [...]

Confessions of an I.T.A.

By |2018-04-27T18:55:53+01:0027th Apr, 2018|My Experience|

Written by Jon Moseling Earlier in the week, I’d just got back from South Africa, having had a chance to reflect on an eventful Ironman. Given that some of the club are about to do their first long distance race this year (for the most part in Austria), it may be that some of my [...]

From Couch to Half Ironman

By |2018-04-05T17:45:28+01:005th Apr, 2018|My Experience|

By Martin Bruwer May 21st 2017, St Pölten, Austria. A day and a week, that I will always remember, the culmination of one journey and the start of another. Eighteen months ago I made a decision to get in shape and tick off an item on my bucket list at the same time, I decided [...]

The Kona Experience

By |2018-01-08T21:47:17+00:008th Jan, 2018|My Experience|

Written by: Ruth Purbrook. I can't believe how long it has been since the big race itself, the race I spent 4.5 solid months training for, visualising during all the hard sessions and desperately hoping for a bit of luck to get me through what many people say is the toughest Ironman. I am immensely [...]

30 marathons & $130,000 raised

By |2017-09-24T19:38:32+01:0023rd Sep, 2017|My Experience|

Written by: Jaclyn Curley. It was a hot Sunday night in New York City. I was alone in my studio apartment, completely unaware that my mother had just suffered a major stroke, a stroke so severe that the doctors weren't sure if she'd ever be able to see or speak again. Words cannot describe how [...]

Returning to Tri after Pregnancy

By |2017-09-23T18:20:29+01:0023rd Sep, 2017|My Experience|

Image: Ful-on Tri Duathlon. Written by: Sally Benton When our little boy, Ollie, was 10 months old I did Berlin marathon. With a time of 3 hours 40 minutes I wasn’t too far off my pb. Whilst I’ve always kept fit and have done a number of marathons, and triathlons, up to Ironman distance, I’ve [...]

Le Marathon du Medoc

By |2017-09-25T20:54:43+01:0023rd Sep, 2017|Global Race Reports, My Experience|

Historical post written by: Caelim Parkes. Start/Finish in the village of Pauillac near Bordeaux. Le Marathon du Medoc is not your average marathon. It’s a test of stamina both on road and through various vineyards. It’s a test of your sartorial elegance and chance to compete against some of the best disguises France has to offer. [...]

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