Racing Blog #1: Meet the Fixtures Team

Greetings from quarantine. It’s been great to see so much action and connecting going on over the last month or so – despite my lack of a turbo (or space to put one) stopping me joining in.


A few weeks back, we discussed with Ruth and Ed the possibility of producing a few “race specific” blogs. Completely outside the realms of “coaching”, they would cover a range of topics, from “Favourite Races” to a more scientific look at some of aspects of racing to things like how racing and awards are organised within the club. Clearly, this is filling the current hole in our Race Season. However, we hope that you’ll find them interesting, enjoyable, and, more importantly, prompt you to share your own ideas and thoughts (the best of which we’ll try to create separate blogs out of). They’ll reside on our Club Website. This means that even those of you who don’t partake in social media can find them.


So, to kick things off, our first blog is more of… an introduction to “us” and what we do as a Fixtures Team to bring you news each week. Possibly as a one off (though watch this space), this blog comes both as a video and as a transcript if you want to avoid us talking 🙂   Links to both below:


1. Video Link


2. Blog Post Link


Stay safe and well, and we look forward to seeing many of you either virtually or in person, once normality returns.


Jon & Katie



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