We now have a Race Calendar – with actual races in it – AND… drum roll… that you can add your name to, if you’re competing.


Please spare 30 minutes over the next week or two (and definitely before the end of February) to do the following:

  1. Find the races you have already entered, and RSVP your name onto them (ignore the fact the website says things like FREE and number of places)
  2. email me at fixtures@fulontri.com if you have difficulties with any of the race events
  3. email me with any races I have missed and I will get them up ASAP


This is a really, really important opportunity to get better at providing the whole club with visibility of all the great events we’re taking part in over the year. The website gives us one place where it’s easy to find that information – as opposed to squirrelled away between 10 lost water bottles and kit purchase questions on Facebook. This isn’t just about me tracking your wonderful race results.


At least one event (the Parklands Relays on 12th June) is not yet on there, as previously we have used the ticketing system to collect the race fee. I will also try to find a way to make the London League, and Club wave events (Eton Sprints, Thorpe Standard and Fix Relays) more visible.


For the TIME TRIALS you still need to message Phil Roker to confirm entry, and for CROSS COUNTRY you need to email Mark Benton or the triumvirate of Sian, Heather and Sarah.