AGM – Details, Agenda and Committee Voting

Club AGM, 19:00 Monday 29th January, Upstairs The Star & Garter, Putney

Event details

FOT_AGM Agenda 2018

It’s AGM time and as well as coming along to hear what’s going on at the club, what we achieved last year, what the future plans are and have your say, it is also time to vote in the new committee for 2018. Event details and full agenda can be found in the links above.

The full list of nominees for the 2018 Ful-on Tri Club Committee is below, along with a brief bio from each candidate and why they are standing for election. We have five new candidates, six returning candidates and one unfilled position (webmaster). Although no positions are contested this year, it is still important club members vote so we get enough votes to ratify the decisions.

How to vote

Please make every effort to attend the AGM on Monday and vote in person.

However, we know that is not always possible, so in this case you can vote for your committee members by proxy. Proxy votes must be notified to both the Chair ( and Secretary ( prior to the meeting. Proxy votes must be either:

  1. nominate a person who will be present to vote on your behalf
  2. nominate the Secretary to vote on your behalf and indicate what those votes will be


Committee Candidates:

Chair, Sarah Watts

Having joined the club 12 years ago, I’ve seen it grow & grow and then shrink a bit. As a committee, we’ve been working out what downsizing means.

The last 12 months have seen the committee making some big decisions about the website and some difficult decisions to keep us on a good financial footing – I hope that in the next 12 months we can consolidate that.

It will be a privilege to lead the talented group who have put their hands up to serve on the committee this year.

Don’t forget to come to the AGM on 29th to find out what we’ve been doing, celebrate the successes of the last 12 months, help us steer the next 12 and ask us some questions.

Vice Chair, Jane Osborne

2010 was the year that I decided if I was going to do an Ironman then I probably needed some help. Ful-on Tri came to my rescue. I met some really friendly people, made some special friends, and with my tenth long distance tri coming up this year, I definitely found the support that I needed. I joined the committee about five years ago as Secretary, and became Vice Chair last year for a change of scenery. I get an enormous amount of pleasure from improving the club, making it be the best that it can, and trying to make everyone welcome. I think we’ve made great progress towards all of these things during the last twelve months and I’m looking forward to another year of improvement.

Club Secretary, Richard Harper

I’m Richard Harper, I’ve been a member of Ful-on Tri since 2010, and Club Secretary since 2017. Since joining, the club has given me fantastic opportunities to make great friends, improve my training and fitness, as well as race all round the world. I’m standing for re-election for the role of Secretary as I’m keen to see the club continue to develop and improve what it offers members across all these aspects. Over the past year as Secretary, I’ve been heavily involved in our efforts to reflect the energy and enthusiasm of the club and attract new members through the launch of the new website and improved social media presence (e.g. Instagram). We’ve made some fantastic progress and I’m excited to build on this success in 2018.

Treasurer/Accounts, Matt Bidwell

Member since 2008 after discovering the need for training and a support group! A banking, private equity and accounting professional, I took a busman’s holiday and became treasurer in 2013. This year I managed to bring Ful-on Tri into the 21st Century with an online payment system for memberships, socials, camps etc. Hopefully this has made your lives (and certainly mine) a lot easier. Hoping to continue managing the club’s finances in 2018.

Membership Secretary, Colin Frew

I’m Colin Frew and have been a member of Ful-on Tri since 2014. London 2012’s mantra was ‘Inspire a Generation’ and it was witnessing the Brownlees’ victory in Hyde Park that day that inspired me to try. However, it wasn’t until a skiing accident in 2013, which forced me to give up marathon running, that I found triathlon. I’m not sure they meant my generation!

Since joining the club it has given me an opportunity to train with like-minded people who have become friends, and generally improve my training and fitness, as well as race around the country. In the last 3 years I have been able to reach goals that I never thought possible, pushed on by the excellent volunteer coaching.

I’m standing for election for the role of Membership Secretary, as I’m keen to continue to see the club grow and for people to experience what the club has offered me. Being a fellow Scot, I thought it was an easy transition from the fantastic work Emma has done over the last 3 years, and people might not notice the switch! I am keen to ensure that we continue to grow the membership to self-sustaining levels and to ensure that our new members receive a positive experience when they join. This year we have welcomed over 34 new members, introduced the Ambassador/Buddy process and actively monitor the successful taster evenings.

Coaching Co-ordinator, Walt Rothon

Triathlete since 2008. Have raced sprint, Olympic, middle (3 x Vitruvian, 3 x 70.3), 2 x Alpe d’Huez (long) and completed 2 Ironman (Austria and Copenhagen). BTF qualified coach since 2013, completed level 2 in 2015 when I also took over as Coaching Co-ordinator. Helped grow the coaching base from around a dozen hardcore regulars to 25 regular coaches and instructors, all of whom (despite some ‘cat-herding) are fantastic!

Social Secretary, Jackie Curley 

Member since 2014, Social Secretary for 2017.

Completed 30 marathons across 11 countries, 22 cities and 3 continents. Looking to build on the success of last year’s socials (Summer Party, Christmas Party, Halloween Run etc.) and bring some new ideas to 2018!

Club Kit/Suppliers Officer, Annalisa Sarasini

I joined the club just over 2 years ago when I started cycling. Since then I’ve been very good at ignoring that triathlons involve swimming and concentrated on cycle-cycle-cycle and these 3 very important rules:

  1. clean bike, fast bike
  2. coffee & cake stops
  3. you need to look good

I do my best with 1), extremely good at 2) and volunteer to help everyone with 3) by becoming the Italian Fashion Police!

Fixtures Secretary, Heather Mayer 

I came to triathlon in my final year at uni, as I was looking for a chilled out sport I could continue once I ventured in the real world. Well, at least it was as sport I could continue in the real world … and that’s when I found Ful-on Tri. I joined the club in 2014 although I stayed in hiding until 2015. Upon becoming active in the club, I immediately realised it was a group of encouraging, welcoming, fun and utterly determined athletes. I remember my first cross country, coming in near the end of the runners, having slipped and fallen down a hill (I just wanted to get muddy really) and feeling a bit like I’d been hit by a ton of bricks, only to arrive into the finishing straight with my new club mates encouraging me into the end and handing me some cake. What more could you want in life? Since then, the club has come to be among the most important parts of my life in London. I’m standing for this role because I want to give back to the club and celebrate all the hard work we all put in to achieving our goals. I also quite like writing, and I’m looking forward to having a legitimate reason to stalk everyone’s sporting achievements through 2018.

Communications/Publicity Officer, Lucinda Sprigett

Member since 2016. Traditionally I’ve preferred the short sharp race, hill, interval, drink … But this summer I’m challenging myself to learn the virtues of pacing – and mental resilience – to tackle my first long distance event. What better way to stay motivated than to spend the year championing your Ful-on dedication to the pursuit of triathlon and the running of this extraordinary club?

My professional background is in events & media operations & marketing. As your Comms Officer, I’ll ensure that members are always aware of everything that’s going on and how to get involved. The marketing content across web, newsletter and social media channels will come directly from the heart of the club, to reflect who we truly are. I’ll celebrate your successes, unlock our collective knowledge, support new member campaigns, and attract more participants to our events. If you have skills or information that can benefit our members, I’d like to help you find a platform.

Team Captain, Rob Argles

I live to race and race to live, so being Team Captain sounds like a good fit. I’m a bit of a multi-sport ‘veteran’, having done my first triathlon in 1993 (current total stands at 117 events raced, including all 15 Vitruvians) but I only really started taking the sport seriously when I stopped rugby coaching and joined Ful-on Tri in 2013. Since getting involved with the London League in its latest format, the club has gone from 1 age-group winner in 2014 to 5 age-group winners and a clean-sweep of all 4 Team trophies in 2017. FoT League participation numbers are up massively and members are discovering it’s a great way to race and represent your club for both newbies and veterans alike. Over the last 4 years I have raced 30 of the 41 scheduled League races (and won my age-group each year), so please seek me out for any tips and don’t forget to ask for a laminated fixture list! Outside of London League, I have raced GB age-group since 2014 so know the qualification process if you need any advice (it’s not as difficult as you may think) ….. Let’s go racing!!

Webmaster, Unfilled Role

An important, and as yet unfilled, electable role. If you feel you have the skills to help support the club with the maintenance of its website and communications channels, then please email