Race Report – June 2021

Welcome to your bumper Race Report for June 2021! Maybe a bit too bumper, as it was a big month for racing, well done to everyone, especially the first timers.

May Results

Buckinghamshire Duathlon (30 May 2021)

A sprint distance duathlon through Wendover woods, with 5k trail runs on either side of a 20km Fast bike course. Shaun Wood and Andre Gabrielli put on two great performances.

Impressively this was Andrea’s first multisport race, the dedication to those track sessions showing on the run legs.

Results here, and worth mentioning that Shaun placed 4th in his category and 11th overall.

Hampton Pool Triathlon (31 May 2021)

Held on the bank holiday Monday, a low cost, fast and flat race offering various distances. Which is the perfect option for a first time race or for those reminding themselves what it feels like to race.

Athletes were sent out in waves based on their 100m swim time, following each other snake like in the pool. Transition sounded a little hairy, running across gravel to your bike with wet feet but a lovely flat bike to make up for it!

Ashley Jeggo and Kate Love completed the Sprint Aquathlon, Ashley taking 1st place in Gender and Overall.

Adrian Snow completed the sprint tri,  and in his words ‘…it was AMAZING to be competing again. I forgot how damn friendly we all are.’

Results here 

Winchester Triathlon (31 May 2021)

Another bank holiday race taking place at Kings School in Hampshire, Rob Argles took part. Racking up his event (and podium) tally, Rob came 2nd in his category, taking a place back after a very hilly ride.

Results here

June Results

Dorney Lake Evening Triathlon (2 June 2021).

A week day race at Eton Dorney, a place a lot of us are familiar (and if not, will be, following the Club Sprint Champs!). Stewart Juroszek kicking off his race season with a sprint in preparation for Deva a few weeks later.

I feel like there may have been a few more FoT’s out this evening, so do let me know if I have missed you.

Results here

Phoenix Aquathlon (4 June 2021)

The first of a series of events held on the first Friday of the month from June to August at Guildford Lido, Xavier Faux was doing what he does best… just in the wrong direction.

Coming 2nd out of the water, a very quick transition followed by a very speedy run, the first 200m of which was the wrong way! With a 400m detour on the run, Xav still managed a first in his category and 4th overall. He cites the morale of this story as ‘ being first is not a good idea. be a slow coach’.

Results here

Windrush Aquathlon 2021 (6 June 2021)

A few members, with a better sense of direction, were over in Brockwell Park also swimming and running.

Jessica Spivey, Thomas Masters and Gina Siebler showing up to race. All 3 had a very strong swim in the Brockwell park Lido followed by a run around an undulating Brockwell park. Jessica Spivey pipping a Chaser by 6 seconds, to second place in her category.

Results here

Eastbourne Triathlon (6 June 2021)

A tough event starting off with a sea swim, 36km bike with 680m(!) of climbing followed by a sea front run, Team Captain (and only person who could give Gina a race for her money on the regularity of racing), Rob Argles taking part in the standard distance and finishing with a very impressive sub 2.30hr time.

Results here

Grafman Triathlon (6 June 2021)

Only the brave enter a Middle Distance as their first ever triathlon! Sam Butcher did just that and competed in the Grafman Middle. A time trial start swim, with an Aussie style exit, followed by an undulating bike and run. Sam did well to maintain his position in the race and managed to claw a place back with a very speedy run.

Results here

WLC 50 Mile TT (6 June 2021)

A very busy weekend in June, not only were there multisport events but also the WLC 50 Mile TT, with 3 Ful-On Tri members testing their legs.

Fiona Geldard, Andrea Sala and Jonathan Montoya-Saunders hauling their fastest bikes out and spending a small portion of the morning tucked into position. Jonathan the speediest of the 3 and putting down the second fastest time on the day.

Oxfordshire Triathlon (6 June 2021)

The first in the 3 race series, taking place in the Queenford Water Park. A clear open water swim, a cycle around the Oxfordshire countryside and a fast flat lap of the lake. Leah Walland had a fantastic race. 35th overall out of the swim, she managed to pick away at the other competitors on the bike coming off at 8th overall, 1st Female and 1st in her Age group! Another fast leg on the run, she managed to maintain the lead, coming 1st in her category and 2nd female.

Results here

Deva Triathlon (13 June 2021)

You know what’s fun? Signing up for an event a few days beforehand, it almost always guarantees a good time. To know just how much of a good time, head over to Alex’s ‘My Experience’ post on the website, if you are yet to race this season it will remind you of why you do it!

With a standard and a middle distance on offer, the standard distance was more popular. Helen Fagan, Alex de Miguel Solano, Stewart Juroszek, Fiona Geldard, Colin Frew and Katie McCreadie (me) taking part and Eszter Szadeczky-Kardoss, Kenneth Murray and Ed Challes in the Middle Distance.

Contrary to my usual stance on races, the swim was likely the most pleasant part! Most of us being sold on this being a fast flat race, the bike leg (although still fast) started off with a 20km false flat which, mentally, was tough but then evened out. A bit sadistically, the run ended with a horrible uphill but in general I highly rated the race and the location, as well as the event organisers.

Notably, Eszter (on her big training day leading up to the full) and Ken brought their best game and came 3rd in their respective categories.


Results here

The Weald Challenge (13 June 2021)

On a beautiful, but ridiculously hot day over in Sussex, Euan Lees was running the 52km trail run race. Starting and finishing in Chiddingly and encompassing the beautiful Sussex countryside, Euan managed to appreciate the scenery for the first half but slightly less so in the second half as the quads started burning and the temperature started soaring.

We all love a good medal and T-shirt at the end of a race, but Euan was particularly motivated by the bespoke handmade Weald Challenge event coffee mug handed out to all finishers (all… including the half marathon, so (in his words) could have saved himself 31km of additional running). Euan still managed to nab a 4th place spot overall.

Results here

Cholmondeley Castle Triathlon (20 June 2021)

Back up in Cheshire, part of the popular Castle series triathlons, Konstantinos Leontaridis and Rob Argles took part in the Gauntlet (middle) and the standard distance respectively.

With some back luck earlier in the year, with a mechanical on the bike leg, Kostas luckily managed to complete the event issue free this time. A very strong swim, coming 2nd out of the water followed by a hilly bike and run leg, a good performance on a tough race.

Of course, another great performance by Rob coming 2nd in his category

Race results here

Lakesman Triathlon (20 June 2021)

Taking place further up north, with a reputation for a being friendly, well organised race and in a beautiful part of the country, was the Lakesman. Full and half distances were on offer, with both Shaun Wood and Jonathon Saunders opting to take on the half.

Shaun with the fastest swim and bike in his category, there was not much chance of the others catching up. Shaun Wood, took home 1st place and 10th overall. Mimicking Shaun, Jonathon also saw a strong swim and bike leg coming in 2nd and third respectively.

Results here

Outlaw Half (20 June 2021)

The second most well attended event by FoT, this month (first being Deva). Starting out with the swim at Holme Pierrepoint, a large rowing lake, two large loops on the bike with one 12% hill and the rest undulating and a run along the river then around the boating lake twice.

Outlaw traditionally has a strong Elite field racing, and this year was no different with 2 of our own racing in this category, James Ellis and Sophie Kirk (Sophie did not have a lie down after T2 this time).

Gina Siebler, Shane Mccauley and Jose Miguel Cortes Gonzalez completing the FoT assembly in Nottingham.

Full results here


If you have participated in an event which has not been reported here, do let me know! As I will say each time, your results drive the end of season awards, so to be considered I will need to know your results. I do check all triathlon results for club members, but you need to register under the club name for me to be able to pick you up.

On another note, the race calendar is not the most intuitive tool to use (back and front end), so I will be relying on you all to email me at fixtures@fulontri.com with your upcoming races or pinging me on Facebook messenger (Katie Mac).