Race Report W/E 20th October

Well, we’re one weekend into the new season, and there is no let up in triathlon results. There were a few others out competing in more traditional running races and duathlons too. Somewhere in the mix there was even a running version of the Rumble in the Jungle.


Before we dive into the recent results – we have official confirmation of some great London League news:

  • In the team results, we now have confirmation of what we already knew: 4th in the Men’s; 3rd in the Women’s; 3rd in Mixed; and, 2nd in Mob! So we still get to show our face in the award ceremony as a top club!!
  • In the individual results, we also have some award winners:
    • Gina Siebler finished 2nd in her age group – a fantastic reward for all of the hard effort and improvement she has put in and made over the year!
    • Jane Osborne also finished 2nd in her age group, well ahead of any competition
    • Sarah Watts narrowly, narrowly missed out on a top 3 place in her age group – and when I say narrowly we’re talking 1 point separating the top 3 and the top 3 from Sarah!
    • Haukur Heimisson finished 3rd in his age group, narrowly beaten by racers from Chasers and Crystal Palace
    • Alexie Calvert-Ansari dominated his age group in 1st
    • As did Euan Lees, also winning his age group
    • Rob Argles was just nudged into 2nd place in his racing category
    • And, finally, Rhys Davies, finished a fantastic 3rd in his age group
  • It’s wonderful to see such a great cross-section of the club leading the field in this important competition!!


Challenge Mallorca

The triathlons this side of the year are either going to be Mediterranean or non-European, and we had 3 racers taking on Challenge’s latest event in the former geographical category.

Taking part in this Middle distance event were: Jane Osborne; Tomoki Tanemura; and Jonny Williams.

It was a tight finishing order. Jonny romped home in a little over 5hr 12min, followed by Tomoki and Jane just under 20 minutes later and 6 minutes apart!



Amsterdam Marathon

Yet another European race (so good we can somehow travel so easily around our neighbouring countries…) – this time in the Netherlands for the Amsterdam Marathon.

Guido Hakkenberg was our sole club representative. On track for sub 3hr, Guido had to ease back a little in the final half of the race, but still finished in a fantastic 3hr 17min – even throwing in something of a sprint finish!



Windsor Duathlon

For the second weekend in a row, Dorney Lake was playing host to a race – this time a duathlon (5k: 20k: 5k).

Frankie Evans absolutely smashed the course in 1hr 27min, winning her age group and finishing as 2nd female overall!



Great South Run (10miles)

Due South, on the coast, we had the Great South Run 10 mile event over the weekend. Milla Rogers ran a fine race finishing in 1hr 25min!



Ironman 70.3 Shanghai

Described as racing in the “gateway to the Yangtze river”, this event from Ironman takes place on the island of Chongming just outside Shanghai.

Jonathan Saunders was out racing and had a blinder, despite some gastric challenges. He finished the race in 4hr 32min, coming 12th in his age group, and qualifying for the 70.3 World champs in Taupo!!




Sri Chinmoy 10k – Battersea Park

Lana O’Kirwan was out racing this unusually named race series in Battersea Park, beating her goal of 1hr 5min by a good 2.5 minutes!



And finally:

Big’s Backyard Ultra

Imagine a remake of Groundhog day, featuring Forest Gump, just keepin on runnin, and an ever repeating hour instead of a day. That is basically the premise of Big’s Backyard Ultra – where competitors run… and run… and run… until there’s only one left.

Who else but Katie Wright would be competing in this. For those that remember, she did something similar in her adopted country of New Zealand a little while ago. On that occasion she not only beat all the competition, but threw in a few victory laps to round up the distance!?!

Well, she didn’t quite conquer Big’s ordeal of never-ending pain – but she did finish in an amazing 4th place, having run 50 laps of just over 4 miles apiece over an incredible 56.5 hours!?!!

There are no words. Awesome competitiveness!

Surely, we now expect to hear the story of how Katie ran home from the event.



That’s your lot from a fun weekend of racing.

Do please email me with any upcoming races (I can now add these to the Race calendar, which helps promote them to other club members) or with any results I may have missed – email me at fixtures@fulontri.com

Remember, the clock has nearly run out on giving me any results I might have missed over the last season. After the end of October, I will struggle to include you in contention for the club race awards. If you haven’t been included in the season’s race reports and you did race a triathlon, you need to let me know.