Race Report W/E 3rd November

What do you do when the local weather is blowing a gale and dumping rain incessantly? Well, you go race abroad. That’s just what our intrepid squad of club members did this weekend across one marathon and one triathlon. Sadly, for those racing closer to home, the inclement weather put a stop on the other event

In other news, the scoring for the 2018-2019 season is now closed. Thanks to everyone who came back to me with missed results (not too many amazingly) and identifying that this year was the first time they had ever raced a triathlon (what a lucky club we are).



New York Marathon

Yes, it’s that time of the year when, on this side of the pond, people don their scariest costumes, terrifying masks and facepaint, and look forward to blowing up some small incendiary devices, and… on the other side of the pond… people remove as much clothing as possible – either to impress fellow Halloween party-goers with the length of their legs / size of their pecs, or to race around Godzilla’s favourite holiday destination.

Crossing the line in central park this year was club speedster Enrique Pinel. To quote the great man: “not my fastest marathon, but happy with another major and with the experience”. We’ll echo that, as an end of 2019 racing 3hr 54min is a great way to start the countdown to Christmas!



The Ballbuster

This duathlon, based at Box Hill, used to occur twice a year before finally settling to its regular sole November occurrence. Whilst the name sounds funny, this is not a race for the faint-hearted. It starts with an 8 mile road run around the hill (yes, up the Zig-Zags), before repeating the same lap 3 times on the bike, and finally pulling those trainers on for a last 8 mile pain-fest. We should have had three around the course this weekend: Pim Kalisvaart; Rob Argles; and, Jane Muir-Sands (really getting into this multi-sport malarkey!)

Unfortunately, whilst the weather is always tough for this event, the organisers decided that the high winds and rain were too dangerous. All three made it around the first run leg, and Pim and Rob even managed a lap on the bike before the event was called to a halt. Kudos for crossing the start line!!



Ironman 70.3 Turkey

Last year, Cerri Ruzzi trotted her way around this late European middle distance event. This year, 4 of the club ventured south to extend their triathlon season: Eimear Toomey; Sophie Kirk; Emma O’Neile; and, Thomas Jenkins. The run sounded hot.

First across the line for the club was Sophie, in 4hr 39min, bagging silver in her age group and finishing narrowly outside the top 10% of the entire field! Considering this was not a fast race (to quote her own words), we can only expect greater and greater things in the coming seasons!

Emma wasn’t far behind, in 4hr 55min, well within the top 10 of her age group, and just outside the top 20% of the field!

Eimear and Tom rounded things up in 5hr 42min and 5hr 16min respectively! Eimear, slugged it out on the run, in a very well paced effort, to grab a great top 3rd of her AG finish, whilst Tom, potentially with the excitement of a fast bike leg, went off a tad too fast on the run and battled through to a finish just outside the top half of his age group.

Great racing by all – and hopefully now a great excuse to focus on Mob match and dance floor glory!



That’s it for another great weekend of racing. Don’t forget to email me about things to add to the race calendar, upcoming races, and any missed results, at fixtures@fulontri.com

The end of year Christmas party is an absolute blast. It’s also where the awards are handed out. So, to enjoy a great party, and to ensure you don’t miss the glory of possibly being recognised as the hero / heroine you are in person, do please remember to buy a ticket ASAP!!