Race Results w/c 12th Feb

Written by Heather Mayer

It seems that we are turning into the Ful-On Running Club, as this weekend saw a number of our members lace up their running shoes yet again without bothering to swim first or bike after. On Saturday, the first round of the London League Parkrun Mob Match took place. The Ful-on Tri contingent, led by Captain Rob Argles, saw Alice Honnywell, Beatrice Faux, Chris Clarke, Colin McCaffrey, David Costello, Simon Wigglesworth, Tom Scott, and Xavier Faux compete, although it seems not everyone remembered their barcodes…

Then, on Sunday, another large group headed out to Hampton Court for the Hampton Court Half. Well done to Angela Hughes, Chris Brown, Claire Wood, Geoff Maher, Jane Dwyer, Katie Holmes, Mark Benton, Mark Sempers, Martin Bruwer, Sally Benton, and Thomas Claracq.

Meanwhile in Richmond, Ruth Purbrook absolutely smashed the Richmond Half Marathon, winning the race and setting herself a new PB along the way.