Race Results w/c 1st Jan

Written by Xavier Faux

The weekly update are usually devoided of any triathlon talk for months but this year things have changed: we have international hunters, a sort of winter migration I suppose. So massive well done to Shaun Woods for taking part in the half distance event at the 2018 HITS Triathlon Series in Naples, Florida, USA. Not only was he our 1st triathlete of the year, he also finished 1st! Yep he won the half distance event that he casually took part in whilst on holidays. Make Triathlon Great Again!

Back on the more seasonal topic of running, high 5s to James Ellis for finishing 9th at the Middlesex XC champs. He even lost a spike – the story doesn’t say if he has recovered it yet.

Well done to Katie “I ran around Wales” Wright for completing the Winter Fandance 2018 running event.

Still in the world of muddiness, well done to Sybille Schorm and Mark Sempers at the Cliveden XC.

And finally, Most Improved Male Triathlete 2017 Michel Radermecker completed the Trevire Night Trail. C’est bien une fois.

Enjoy the great outdoors and training.