Race Results w/e 9 September

It was such an incredible weekend of sporting achievements that it’s taken me until now to collect myself enough to write it up…or something like that…anyway, the results from last weekend were, as ever, inspiring.

Obviously, the highlight of the weekend was the mixed relays at Eton Dorney on Saturday morning. 30 members of the club made the journey out to the rowing lake to race in the fiercest competition of the season. Enthusiasm was high, from Team “We don’t want to swim so can the person with the broken foot swim for all three of us pretty please?” (the answer was no) and Team “Jose Pay Attention!”, to Team “Who wants a meringue in transition?” and “My head was in a toilet this morning but I’m so ready for this” we absolutely nailed it. Well done to Katrina Head, Jules Weal, Shane McCauley, Eimear Toomey, Tamsin Ede, Nicola Anderson, Claire Atkinson, Richard Harper, Colin Frew, Fiona Sander, Guildo Hakkenburg, Shaun Wood, Helen Fagan, Euan Lees, Dom Masters, Jane Osborne, Mark Sempers, Elton Ross, Sarah Watts, Alfonso DC, Sybille Schorm, Martin Bruwer, Ryan Howes, Ursula Hankinson, Ed Challes, Alex Bump, Emma Swinnerton, Jose Lopez, and Stu Archer for quality racing. What’s more, the speedy trio of Fiona, Guido and Shaun posted the fastest mixed team time on the day, taking home a sweet trophy. Congrats!

Ful-on Tri at the Fix Relays at Eton Dorney

Meanwhile, over in Leicestershire, Rob Argles, Sian Morgan, Katherine Montserrat, and James Ellis all toed the line at the Vitruvian Triathlon. Unfortunately, James punctured early on on the bike course, forcing him to DNF the race. Rob posted a strong race, and is one of only two people to finish all 16 editions of the event. Sian and Katherine also had good races. Well done!

On Sunday, Brannigan Barrett and Ian Baker took on one of the world’s toughest Ironman races at Ironman Wales. Some would question the sanity of making this your first Ironman, but Brannigan put on a great show in his first attempt at the distance, while Ian “the Machine” Baker had a very strong race. Great job guys!

Congratulations also to Lizzie Matthews who finished her first Olympic distance triathlon on Sunday at Woburn Abbey, having come on leaps and bounds since deciding to do her first triathlon this year. James Whetman raced the middle distance race on Saturday, and after a good start in the swim unfortunately DNF’d on the bike. 

On the single sport front, well done to Harriet Broad and Jackie Curley up at the Great North Run on Sunday.