Au revoir but not goodbye

Welcome back to your weekly race report… with one small nuance… there are no races to report on.


One of the responsibilities of the Ful-on Tri Fixtures Secretary is to write and publish a weekly race report, unfortunately it seems as though this won’t be required for the foreseeable future, and it is with some sadness that we will be signing off for at least a few weeks, if not months.

Having only the London Marathon and Ride London on my race list this year (and being rather happy that the London Marathon has been postponed) I can only guess the frustration that some of you will be experiencing with races being cancelled and/or postponed. Yet, our amazing coaches are on it making sure we are all keeping fit, healthy and socially active with twice weekly core sessions and multiple Zwift sessions available throughout the week.


However, we realise that racing is a core part of our fantastic club, and that many of you may not realise that we’re here to help you over the year in a highly approachable way:

  • Helping you share your race experience – whether you have a race result or, even better, some personal reflections on your event
  • Letting us know that you’d like to be anonymous for an event (although we’ll still collect the result in our grand spreadsheet if it’s a triathlon – for the awards)
  • Helping you navigate the race calendar and finding out who else might be attending events
  • Supporting you in picking events or first races


To remain visible, and also help you know us and some of the rest of the club, we aim to publish a short series of blog posts. The themes will all be race specific (as opposed to coaching or what’s going on with club events or training). They will range from topics such as Racing Tips (Science, Mindset, Nutrition), through the kinds of racing we do as a Club, to favourite races and kit. We will be getting real insight and experiences from key club members to include in these. They will also be invitations for you to share your experiences in the comments, and through messages to us – and where appropriate we’ll add a connected blog post with many of these.


The first post we intend to get out there is to help you get to know us – your Fixtures team – what we’re about and what we do. Stay tuned over the next fortnight for us.


Ed will advertise these, and may include summaries or all the content, in the weekly newsletter, alongside all the other key club messages and virtual coaching sessions.


As the lockdown continues, it has been great to see the level of engagement from our club members whether asking for help or giving it. It’s a tough time for everyone, perhaps more for some than others, so please continue to use Facebook, Discord, your WhatsApp groups and any other means of communication to call on and help each other out.


Although the race reports will be on hiatus, do remember that you can (and we’d really love you to) continue to contact us on our club email and also via facebook messenger to Katie McCreadie and Jon Moseling. We’ll continue to mention this on any of our blog posts.



Best wishes and stay positive,