Race Report W/E 15th December

Well we’re 17 chocolates/lego models/bizarre pictures into advent and this is your penultimate race report before Christmas. There are a load more races on the club events calendar, so please have a look – if you’ve already entered things, or even if you’re stuck for ideas!

Of course, this weekend, we only had two events of note: The Mob Match; and, The Christmas Party!

It was a fantastic 2018-19 season, and huge congratulations to all of our award winners!! The newsletter will include a recap of who won what!



The Mob Match

For those new to the club, the Mob Match is our annual festive race against rival club Thames Turbo. The aim is to get the most people out on the Bushy Parkrun course (hence the “mob”). Whichever club fields the smaller number decides the number of places that are counted (smallest number of runners less 3). Normally the biggest club field wins. So, basically, if you weren’t there on Saturday morning, please put this club event in your calendar for 2020!

This year, 39 brave souls climbed out of bed to make it to the start line in a breezy and damp Bushy Park: Heather Mayer; Malcolm Calder; Colin McCaffrey; Katie McCreadie; Helen Fagan; Sara la Hausse de la Louviere; Alice Murphy; Lisa McCaffrey; Catherine Flexer; Stephen Flexer; Alexandra Richards; Jane Dwyer; David Lo; Gina Siebler; Edwina Chung; Sarah Watts; Robert Carder; Matt Phillips; Ian Baker; Alicja Drywa; Jon Moseling; Sally & Ollie Benton; Rob Argles; Martin Bruwer; Chris Clarke; Konstantinos Leontaridis; Ursula Hankinson; Ed Challes; Kevin Couchman; Alexie Calvert-Ansari; Euan Lees; Borja Velasco / Portos; Freddie Skarbek; Ruth Astle; Andrew Jack; Mark Benton; Richard Harper; and, Jon Barks.



From Rob Argles:

“After Strictly and SPOTY, the result you have REALLY been waiting for. In the annual parkrun Mob Match vs Thames Turbo we came….2nd!! TT had 44 runners vs our 39 which means the finishing positions of the first 36 runners (smallest number -3) for both clubs is considered. The smallest total wins and TT scored 9,118 vs our 12,363. Despite the result a big thanks to everyone who turned up and represented FoT

Happy Christmas.

 — feeling thankful.”


The Mince Pies and Mulled wine with Thames Turbo afterwards was a great idea, and definitely one to be repeated.



So, one more weekend to go before a brief hiatus and a new decade.

Do please have a think over the holidays if you’d like to help provide content to the race reports – in previous editions we’ve had individual club members write a blog to talk about their own race experience, so it would be fantastic to have more of those next year. Photos and funny anecdotes are also very welcome. Remember, not everyone is on Instagram or Facebook, so these reports really are the universally accessible means of telling the club what we’re up to!

As usual, any updates, races to add to the calendar, feedback or Christmas wishes should go to fixtures@fulontri.com