Race Report W/E 27th October

Coming a little late – paying the bills can be a bit of a distraction – this is what we were up to over the weekend. Quite a varied mix of races: distance running and cycling, and a triathlon.

Do remember that, as recent club announcements (and previous race reports) have mentioned, we have the end of season club awards fast approaching. The one thing I need from you (if you haven’t come forward) is to know if this was your first season of racing a triathlon (ever!) All the other results are now in, and the machine will decide your destinies.



Ironman 70.3 Marrakech

Marrakech sounds like it might still be a tad warm this time of the year… and it was (apparently 30’C)!

Out racing this latest (early in the season) 70.3 from Ironman was Daniel Montilla Navas. He battled through the heat to finish in a solid 6hr 6min in his 70.3!!



Frankfurt Marathon

A skip across the North Sea, and over in Frankfurt we had another Marathon. Ben Harrison and Robert Carder were both racing, with Ben pacing Robert to a new PB by 20 minutes!

Ben finished in just under 3hr 59min, and Robert stormed across the line less than 20 seconds later!!




Red Bull Time Laps

The weekend where the clocks add an extra hour of night, and where the weather added a few more inches of rain, also saw the now annual occurrence of the Red Bill Time Laps in Windsor Great Park.

We had a number of people out from the club, racing in a variety of mixed teams – and kudos to them for racing their bikes through awful weather, in the dark.

Nicky Huskens; Katie Marsh; Jamie Woodland; Borja Ports; and, Elton Ross were all out competing.



Thames Trot 50

A flat, offroad ultra, this 50 mile run would have been tricky on a dry day. Luke Hardman managed to choose the occasion where the trails were a mudbath.

Hats off to Luke for getting through well over 28 miles before calling it a day. He’s had a year of long running (not quite Katie Wright level) and this also came hot on the heels of the Chicago Marathon!



Lee Valley 10 mile race

Gina Siebler raced around this 10 mile course in the Lee valley – effectively racking up a 10 mile PB as it was her first race on this distance!



Snowdon Marathon

The Snowdon Marathon has been in the calendar for a while, but it was only recently that Sally Benton posted the course profile – something that puts this race in another league from normal urban marathons. Nearly a mountain race!



Sally had put in a tonne of training for this race, and did not disappoint. She finished in an epic 3hr 58min!!




That’s your lot. Do email me with any upcoming races or missed results at fixtures@fulontri.com

The race calendar will be populated over the remainder of the season soon, but let me know and I can add your events (saves me from second guessing what people are up to ? )