Race Report W/E 5th May

With a sizeable portion of the club out sunning themselves… sorry, training… out in Mallorca, this weekend might have been a quiet one. However, we still notched up two Middle distance tris, a marathon, an ultra, a couple of standard tris, and a local sprint tri.


Pontevedra Tri Cross

Amanda Pirie was out racing during the week in a seriously tough off-road triathlon: “swimming in cold water against a current, biking through the mountains on dirt and single tracks and running in the hills”.

There seems to be a glitch on the official results page (a proper update soon), but Amanda came 10th in her category and was “super happy” – we are too!


Challenge Riccione

Long standing club member Giovanni Simoni took on this middle distance Challenge triathlon, out in Italy.

Giovanni finished the race in a highly respectable 5hr 14 min, coming well within the top 25% of his race category, and in the top quartile of race finishers overall!


Belfast Marathon

One of the last marathons leaking into Triathlon season, club member Phil Smith ran this Northern Irish race in a speedy 3hr 47min. Well done Phil!


Anglian Water Triathlon

Despite Kenneth Murray being the only one to find the Race Calendar, we actually had 3 club members take on this race: Ed Challes and Alexie Calvert-Ansari also taking part.

Kenneth led the way for the club, with a finish time of just over 2hr 5min. Ed couldn’t quite match the pace but nailed a solid 2hr 31min, whilst it looks like, sadly, Alexie didn’t finish – hope all is ok!


Riverhead Backyard Ultra

Ultra running addict Katie Wright was out again over the weekend taking on an endless challenge of 6.7km per hour. She not only smashed into 1st, but did 30 laps despite the 2nd placed person dropping out after 28 – apparently just to secure her first “200km ultra”. The words “congratulations” and “nutter” both seem appropriate!


Big T Triathlon

John Church was out racing in the Big T Triathlon. Detailed results appear to be still cooking, but it looks as if he raced well!


Ironman Utah 70.3

In a late spot, Richard Curling was caught racing in this North American champs 70.3. Not only did he smash out a 4hr 40min finish time, he also nailed a roll down place for the World Champs in Kona. Awesome stuff!


Tonbridge Standard Distance Triathlon

With huge apologies to Pim Kalisvaart, as this race result should have been here in flashing lights when the report came out: Pim raced this standard distance in the South East on Monday 6th May. He belted out a smashing 2hr 30min finish time, not only coming 3rd overall, but winning his Race Category to boot!!


Thames Turbo Sprint Series #1

Our latest London League race saw 9 of the club out racing. This is a fantastically good value sprint triathlon organised by Thames Turbo Tri, and based around the settings of Hampton Open Air Pool and Bushy Park. Out racing were: Rob Argles; Nathan Sweeney; Jamie McCanny; Mark Parrett; Faye Sanders; Sybille Schorm; Jane Osborne; Rhys Davies; and, Gina Siebler.

Rob came in first for the club with one of our 3! podium places – 3rd in his category in a time of just over 1hr 4min. Nathan was hot on his heels but just pipped by 20 seconds. Then, in the women’s categories, Faye stormed to a podium win, with Sybille clinching a 3rd category place only a minute behind her! All of the club finished in the top 3/4 of the field! Some great racing and some fantastic points for the club in the London League!


Any omissions or extras, please email fixtures@fulontri.com.