Race Report W/E 9th June

So, a bit of a story of 2 sides this weekend. We had some stellar performances by several of our club. However, somewhat offsetting this was a bit of a poor weekend for hygiene factors such as racing for the club or posting in advance what races our members are doing. A small dip we can all improve from I’m sure.


Leeds Triathlon – 9th June

Following its not insignificant teething problems in its first year in 2016, The Leeds triathlon as stubbornly persisted as the successor to the fantastic Hyde Park Tri. We did have two people sign up on the Race Calendar (please don’t forget you do need to actually add your names too): Katie Marsh; and, Matthew Phillips. On the day, only Matt was able to make it to the start line (hopefully all ok with Katie!!), but finished in a great 2hr 31min, and showed some strong pacing, gradually improving position throughout the race! Well done!!


Staffordshire IM 70.3

Ironman’s latest offering was a 70.3 (Middle distance triathlon) in Staffordshire. To judge the race calendar’s 4 nameless sign-ups, this wasn’t looking like a great showing for the club. As usual, this wasn’t in anyway correct (though something I’m sure we can vastly improve on?) We did in fact have at least 9 people signed up: James Ellis; Sian Morgan; Amin Manzouri; Mateus Pimenta; Eszter Szadecksy-Kardoss; Bastiaan Trommel; Jose Cortes; Ed Dennis; and Katie Devlin. Sadly, Amin never made it to the start line, so only 8 made it into the results.

Before getting into what happened in the race, only 5 of the 9 sign-ups actually managed to tag the club in their entries (or ensure they came through in the results). As a reminder – Ironman has club prizes based on points earned – failing to add the club for these is similar to racing London League without mentioning the club.

James finished first for the club in a time of just under 4hr 29min, and just missing out on a podium spot. Ed (racing for Precision Race Team, rather than the club) finished second in just under 4hr 48min. The next into the finish chute was Jose (also not racing for ABC Pure rather than the club) in a 5hr 10min. There is some debate about who the true Ful-on Tri second place goes to. Technically, Tom Jenkins bagged this in just under 5hr 23min (though the result currently stands as club-free – this can hopefully be corrected. Only 2 minutes behind, with a reulst already tagged as Ful-on Tri, was Mateus Pimenta, in 5hr 25min. Bastiaan was hot on Mateus’ heels in a time of 5hr 26min. Sian was just the other side of the 5hr 30min mark, racing well but again without a result tagged as Ful-on Tri (please do try to correct this with Ironman). And Eszter completed the full race line up with a strong sub 6hr 30min performance!

Whilst Katie was not racing solo, her relay team (with her sister I think) finished (as a team) in 5hr 40min.

There is some great great racing in the group up at Staffordshire. Let’s please try to earn those performances for the club as much as we can 😉 !


Thorpe Park Sprint Tri

Bypassing the rather slow posting of the results by TriProject, this weekend’s Thorpe Park Sprint racers are now visible. Whilst 3 of the club may have expressed interest in the race, only 2 definitely signed up: Adrian Snow; and, Jason Parrish. Sadly Adrian didn’t make it to the start line, as he unfortunately injured his hand the day before (and really hoping for a swift recovery!). However, Jason went out and smashed it, finishing in 1hr 7min, 18th overall and nailing a 3rd place podium spot!


50 Mile TT

Another of the Great Missenden TT’s occurred this week. As nothing on Facebook, email or Strava suggests we had racers involved, I am assuming this to be an unraced TT – unless someone lets me know otherwise, though we do normally have at least one or two competitors.


Dorney Tri

This weekend saw another Sprint Triathlon hosted at Dorney Lake. 3 of the club were racing the course: Alex Revill; Francesca Hunt; and, Vasili Lyras. As this was a late request addition to the Race Calendar, it was perhaps short notice for all three to miss adding themselves, but fortunately all at least tagged the club on their race entries.

Vasili came in first for the club, finishing in a quick 1hr 15min, coming 12th overall and nailing a 3rd podium place in his category. Francesca and Alex finished less than 15 min later, with Francesca claiming a 1st podium spot! Fantastic racing all.


Dragon Ride

Ceri Ruzzi was out riding the Dragon Ride sportive in Wales – apparently shortened due to the weather, but no doubt a great ride.


King of the Downs

Krista Kojecky took on the King of the Downs sportive.


Dallaglio RugbyWorks Track Fest Sportive (Epic Route)

Gina Siebler was out again on her bike, getting some great IM training under her belt with the RugbyWorks Track Fest Sportive.



That’s it for the moment. Some great racing. And those performances would be all the better with some incredibly easy and important housekeeping – do add the club (Ful-on Tri) to your race whether it’s IM, London League or any other (Tri or non-Tri) – and if you’re struggling with it all, you can email fixtures@fulontri.com as the easy way to make it clear what you’re racing. It really, really, isn’t that hard, and many of the club are successively doing things right without too much effort – so I’m hopefully addressing a minority here. As a committee we can help you figure out how best to retrospectively add the club if you missed it the first time. I do appreciate we’re all relatively time poor with our day jobs.