Mallorca Camp 2021

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MALLORCA CAMP 2021 Dates: Saturday 1st to Saturday 8th May 2021 Bookings for the 2021 Mallorca Training Camp go on sale on TUESDAY 10th NOVEMBER at 18:30, on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit this page and scroll to the booking button at the bottom of the page to book your slot and pay the £150 [...]

Mallorca Camp 2020

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Dates: Saturday 2nd to Saturday 9th May 2020 The Mallorca Camp has become a major highlight of the club calendar owing to the amazing weather, fantastic and varied cycle routes, chilled out camp set-up, our a-la-carte training schedule and great socials. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned triathlete, you’ll enjoy training under blue skies [...]

Lanzarote Camp 2020

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The club’s annual early-season training camp will once again be held in Club La Santa, a dedicated sports resort that is a popular winter training destination with pro and amateur athletes across a huge range of sports. The camp is led by former Pro triathlete Richard Hobson and his friendly and knowledgeable TriLiving team, and [...]

Race Results w/e 30 September

By |2018-10-04T11:51:20+01:004th Oct, 2018|FoT Race Reports|

The membership year came to a close with a handful of September-end racing, and clearly the off-season is looming large. Congratulations to Richard Huntrods for completing the Hurly Burly swim, a 10k swim in Snowdonia. This is Richard’s second 10k swim in two weeks, the first of which was relocated to Shepperton due to other [...]

Race Results W/E 22 July

By |2018-07-23T10:55:51+01:0023rd Jul, 2018|FoT Race Reports|

Another sunny week in England, and I’m beginning to wonder if England hasn’t drifted out of Europe into the tropics. Fortunately for us, this makes for great triathlon weather, and Ful-on Tri-ers are taking advantage. First up this week were Haukur Hemisson, James Ellis, Sian Morgan and Tom Scott at the Standard Chartered 5k in [...]

Race Results w/e 15 July

By |2018-07-17T22:13:23+01:0017th Jul, 2018|FoT Race Reports|

While the world of professional sport was disappointing if you were an England/Federer/Nadal/Serena fan this week (I’m at least a Federer/Nadal/Serena fan, and for the sake of future visa applications I guess I should claim to be an England fan too), Ful-on Tri’s performances certainly lifted my spirits. First up this week was Nicola Busca, [...]

Talk: Nutrition, Will Girling

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Will Girling advises several of our members on sports nutrition and will give us two separate talks on Monday 12th Feb. In Nutrition Periodisation, find out how to structure your eating to be able to get the most out of your training - Fasting or Fed, Low Calorie or High, Low Carb or High? In [...]

Talk: How To Train for Triathlon

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The main part of this session will focus on How to Train (including How Not to Overtrain), How to Plan Your Season/Month/Week, Training Intensities, Benchmarking, Tapering, Other Skills and Common Mistakes. These are all topics from the British Triathlon Level 3 Coaching Course, which you can pick up for free without studying for a year [...]

Talk: Swim Better Front Crawl

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In this talk we will cover the full picture of swim technique, building on all the useful snippets that you get from poolside coaches on a Thursday/Sunday night. Topics will include: Streamlining, Propulsion, Rotation, Head Position, Arm Action, Breathing, Kicking, Common, Problems and Fixes, Open Water Specifics, Club Training and Benchmarking. We will have videos [...]

Race Results w/c 25th Dec + 1st Jan

By |2018-01-01T20:19:22+00:001st Jan, 2018|FoT Race Reports|

Written by: Xavier Faux Happy new year all! Wishing you a wonderful, peaceful, healthy and triful year! Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Talking of which Rob "The Laminator" Argles was taking part in a charity sea swim on Christmas day - he even posted a photo of him in his speedos post swim. Lovely. [...]

Novelty November

By |2017-11-09T13:23:30+00:009th Nov, 2017|Training Tips|

Written by: Euan Lees. At this time of year we have tended to switch up our sessions a bit, under the banner of “Novelty November”. This isn't as frivolous as it sounds – we all benefit (physically and mentally) from variety in our training, even if it is just a case of running through the [...]

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